Geese Police of Central Indiana has been providing quality Canada goose control in the Greater Indianapolis area since 2010. Geese Police, Inc. has been providing quality Canada goose control for over 30 years. Using handpicked, working Border Collies who are highly trained to control Canada Geese and handlers trained in goose control, behavior, nesting, and migratory habits, Geese Police of Central Indiana is able to ensure a successful Goose control program. Our customer base includes corporate office parks, schools, parks, golf courses, cemeteries, residential communities, apartment complexes, Senior living communities and Industrial sites to name just a few.

Our border collies are highly trained herding dogs with very unique capabilities. Unlike other breeds the border collie stalks with their head down and tail tucked while using their predator glance called "the eye" to influence movement. This behavior keys on the prey instinct of the Canada Goose making them believe they are in imminent danger when in reality they are perfectly safe! We team up with our pups using traditional Scottish commands to frighten the geese forcing them to direct our pups movement and frighten the geese forcing them to flee the property. With continuous visits from our dogs the Canada Geese learn the property is unsafe and remain elsewhere to avoid the perceived threat.

Geese Police of Central Indiana has more than 30 years of combined experience with border collies and Canada Goose Management. Through the use of our professionally marked vehicles, border collies, and handlers we provide the most effective Canada Goose Management services in the state of Indiana. All of our trucks are fully equipped for efficiency/safety of our border collies and outfitted with technology for data tracking. All of these tools allow us to provide the best service possible.

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