How We Work

We do not harm or touch the geese. We simply convince them to move on their way and off the golf courses, parks, school grounds, corporate parks, neighborhoods and apartment complexes that they love to invade.

Border Collies have a unique stalk as well as a wolf-like stare called the “eye”. Because of this, Canada geese count our dogs as predators (even though we never touch them) and will soon find someplace else to be. The geese, although perfectly safe, believe their life is in imminent danger, and not only quickly leave the property, but stay away longer than they would had they encountered any other breed of dog.

Properly trained working Border Collies will never touch the birds, which is especially important during breeding and molting season, when both adult geese and goslings are unable to fly. Our working Border Collies are trained to herd and harass- but never touch or otherwise harm- geese.

Once you make your property an unsafe haven for the geese, they will go somewhere else where they are not in any danger.

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