If you find an injured goose while you’re out for a hike, traveling or even in your own backyard, we encourage you to get them the help they need. Unfortunately, Geese Police is not authorized to handle injured geese but we’re happy to direct you to someone who is. You can call an Indiana Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator at the link found below.

24 Years

Canada Goose Lifespan

5-8 Eggs

Average Nest Size


Annual Population Growth

2-3k Miles

Migratory Geese Flight Range


Adult Goose Droppings per Day

100-200 Miles

Resident Geese Flight Range to Seek Food, Shelter & Water

6 Weeks

June-July Adult Geese Molt Their Pin Feathers Rendering Them Flightless


In spring and summer, geese concentrate their feeding on grasses and sedges. During fall and winter, they rely more on berries and seeds, including agricultural grains. Two subspecies have adapted to urban environments and graze on domesticated grasses year round.


Geese are imprinting birds. Adult geese typically return to the same nesting sites each spring. Goslings born on the property will return to that site when it is able to mate (typically age 2).