Our Dogs

Our Dogs

  • Flo Jo

    Flo JoPassed over the Rainbow Bridge—October 16, 2017

    Flo Jo was one of our first dogs we bought in 2010.  She was 14 years old when she passed and a veteran.  She retired a few years ago and had adjusted nicely to being a couch potato.  She worked like a true Rock Star.  Being the oldest, she was definitely the matriarch of the bunch.  She was the ultimate working dog and was named after Florence Griffith Joyner, the track and field star.  In her day she was fast as the wind!!!  Flo Jo survived a cancer bout in 2013 and even worked all through her chemo treatments.  She was truly a Survivor.  She was very social and our little Diva.  She was truly a special dog and is missed every day.

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  • Katie

    KatiePassed over the Rainbow Bridge—May 20, 2019

    Kate was also one of our first dogs we purchased in 2010.  She was also 14 years old when she passed and was fully retired but still loved to go out with us for ride alongs and work when she wanted to.  She was the biggest sweetie and cuddler and has never met anyone she did not like.   She was a fantastic swimmer and loved to put her head under water.  Her favorite past time was playing Frisbee and herding the sheep.

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  • Annie

    Annie, 8 years oldDeputy

    We received Annie in April of 2015.  She is an April Fools baby.  She is so small that we call her our “Little Peanut”.   She is a ball of energy and like Bond, fast as lightening. She is a fiend with the frisbee and will do it nonstop if we let her.  She is very affectionate with people she knows and loves to be held.  She is a curious girl that is always on the move.

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  • Stormie

    Stormie, 11 years oldDeputy

    Stormie came to us in January of 2016.  She is a total sweetheart.  She is very high energy and a driven dog that loves to herd, including the other dogs especially while they are playing frisbee.  She is a tireless swimmer and will not leave the pond until every goose is out of there. She is so smart and very methodical in the water when swimming after the geese. She loves to be dried off after her swims and will automatically roll over on her back so you can towel dry her belly.  We have enjoyed watching her learn to play with the other dogs.  She is truly as close to a robot as we have when it comes to working.  Awesome dog!

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  • Dixie

    Dixie, 7 years oldDeputy

    Dixie came to us in February of 2016.    She is our little Dixie Dickens as she can get into her fair share of mischief by stealing things out of the truck or your bag etc…  She also loves to chase frogs, little birds and anything in the water.  She also loves putting her head under the water.  She is so playful and loves to play frisbee with a  passion (mostly keep away though).  She is very affectionate and wants attention and loving as often as she can get it.   She is an awesome stalker and is learning to love the water.  She is just a sweetheart.

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  • Faith

    Faith, 10 years oldDeputy

    We acquired Faith in 2016. She is a giant ball of energy. Her nickname is "Tigger" for the way she is constantly bouncing around. Don't let that fool you, she turns all that energy into intense perseverance when she gets her eyes on geese. Nothing makes her happier than getting the job done.

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  • Nick

    Nick, 7 years oldDeputy

    We acquired Nick in 2016. Our big guy is an awesome dog with quite the personality. He is a lean mean goose chasing machine. Don't let his size fool you, he is always looking to make new friends, four-legged or two. This daddy's boy loves to work and be told he has done a good job.

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  • Pearl

    Pearl, 11 years oldDeputy

    Pearl came to us in May of 2016.   She is the most affectionate and loving dog I have every seen.  She kisses everybody and constantly kisses all the other dogs as well.  She is very obedient and just wants to please.  She can also be a little sensitive.  She is a swimming machine.  She bounces around like Tigger and can be a big goofball at times.  She twirls and whirls around when excited and has earned the nickname of Pearl Whirl.

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  • Josie

    Josie, 6 years oldDeputy

    Baby J, as she is also known,  is one of our newest deputies.  She is quite a powerhouse.  She is a total sweetheart and quite the cuddlebug, when I can get her to stop moving for a minute.  She is still all puppy at heart but turns on the intensity when it is work time.  She loves to swim after the geese and when they are gone she loves to frolic in the water.  She is a great listener and very loyal when she bonds with you.  When she is not working, she loves to play with her tennis ball or play frisbee.  Her best buddies are Dixie, Nick and Stormie and when they have free time they will wrestle together for hours.

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  • Bear – “Da Bear”

    Bear – “Da Bear”, 3 years oldDeputy

    Bear was acquired in 2020 and is our youngest deputy on the force. He is a giant ball of energy and has only one speed, fast. He is always up for playtime with all the other deputies while off duty. But on duty he is a focused, intense machine and a fanatic swimmer. He loves nothing more than to open it up and run. He is also awesome at frisbee. First and foremost, he loves everyone he meets and insists on meeting everyone.

  • Riot

    Riot, 7 years oldDeputy

    Riot was acquired by Geese Police in 2020. He came to us as this deputy is a very strong swimmer and had been working in alligator country in the southern part of the US. We are happy to have him transfer to us and swim all he likes as he is a great addition to our force. He is quite a character and a sweetheart. He gets along with all, four legged friends and the two-legged variety. He is also a very Handsome pup with a beautiful red and white coat.

  • Faye

    Faye, 13 years oldDeputy, Retired May of 2020

    We acquired Faye in the fall of 2012.  She is our little red headed girl.  Faye is such a gentle and sweet dog but her drive is intense and she will not stop until her job is finished.  She is a very strong swimmer and can swim for quite a while, sometimes just for fun as she loves to be in the water.  Faye has slowed down a bit and is close to retiring but Faye works hard, plays hard and sleeps hard.

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  • Bond – “James Bond”

    Bond – “James Bond”, 13 years oldDeputy, Retired June of 2020

    We acquired Bond in 2013.  Our big guy is an awesome dog and very chill and quiet just as his name infers. But when he turns on the work switch, he is one of the most intense dogs I have seen.  He has only one speed and that is 90 miles an hour.  He is very affectionate but definitely a Daddy’s boy.  He is now the patriarch of the clan and has even earned house privileges.

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